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Thanks for checking out Free US Slot Tournaments. Our goal is to provide you with information on the latest free slots tournaments and the best online slots US has to offer. We know it difficult to find slot tournaments that allow players from the United States, but all the tournaments listed here can be played by U.S. players.

There is a free tournament schedule listed above. I try to update this as often as I can. Most of the free slot tournaments now being offered are daily or weekly games and there have been fewer of the free slot tournaments with large prizes left. Occasionally, I will list some of the large prize money slot tournaments that you have to pay for.

If you are from outside of the United States, you should take a look at these online slot tournaments to find one that is currently being played and ones that are scheduled for the upcoming week.

Update - 9/18/12
The Vegas Tech style tournaments are back at Liberty Slots. These slot tournaments are not timed events like the RTG slot tournaments. This means that you can take you time and try different things without needing to worry about the clock. This also means a return to the Autoplay button in Slot tournaments (no more tired index fingers from clicking on the mouse).

For about a year, the only tournaments left for people in the U.S. is a few of the online casinos that use RTG software. These tournaments don't change much which meant that I wasn't posting much recently. However, Liberty Slots will be hosting a monthly tournament like the old Vegas Technology casino so I will likely be posting more often again.

You can still see the list of RTG casinos that have their own slots tournaments. These are still good slot tournaments to play. The differences between them is that these RTG slot tournaments have a time limit of only a certain amount of minutes and you are trying to spend the entire balance that they give to you.

Two of these RTG casinos (Cool Cat and Silver Oak) offer players a $30 free chip to use on the casino's slot tournaments. The free $30 can only be used to play on these tournaments and not in the rest of the casino.

After you are finished with the slot bonus, you can choose to accept another bonus after you make a deposit. These bonuses can only be used one at a time. This means you either have to run out of the $30 chip (less then $5) or complete the wagering requirements for the slot tournament bonus (whichever comes first).

* Note - You will find more often than not that the bonuses that are offered by casinos are for slots only or other games with a high house advantage. This is the same as when casinos create a slots club and give you extra money for when you play more often. These bonuses are generally not offered for casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and other table games. Many times, the casino will forbid you from making wagers on these games.

Only the casinos that use RTG software and Liberty Slots still offer slot tournaments to US customers, although I am always looking for more options. The RTG casinos that I've played and reviewed on this site are Rushmore, Silver Oak, Cool Cat Casino, Casino Titan and Club World.

New No Deposit Slot Tournament Bonus

June 10, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Slot Tournament Free Bonus

Wouldn’t you know it? I said I was looking for new slot tournaments to show you and I get emailed by someone working with Cool Cat Casino that let me know that they are also offering a $30 No Deposit Slots Tournament Bonus!

They use the same software for their slot tournaments as Silver Oak casino (called Real Time Gaming). They asked me if I could write a review for this new bonus and their slot tournaments.

I’m always glad to put up new information about slot tournaments that players in the US can play for free.

How to get the $30 Free Slot Tournament Bonus

This is very simple. All you have to do is download Cool Cat casino’s software and install it onto your computer. You will be asked to create your account and sign-in to the casino.

Then, you have to click on the Cashier button in the Casino Lobby. Once the cashier has come up, click on the Redeem Coupon tab and type in the Coupon Code: TOURNAMENTCHIP in the box provide. Then click the Redeem button.

coolcat redeem coupon New No Deposit Slot Tournament Bonus

You should instantly see the $30 show up in your casino account. Then, simply exit the cashier and click the Tournaments button to get started. This money can only be used to play in slots tournaments and cannot be used at Cool Cat’s casino games.

coolcat casino slots tournaments New No Deposit Slot Tournament Bonus

If you have read any of my other reviews on RTG slots tournaments, the rest should be pretty self explanatory. Just click on the slot tournament in the list and start playing.

Each tournament will have a set time limit and a starting credit. The object of the tournament is to get the highest score by using up as much of your starting credits as possible and while trying not to run out of credits too fast.

The average pace that you should set is 1000 credits per minute playtime. If you are ahead of this pace, drop you bet per spin down until time catches up. If you are behind the pace, bet the maximum amount per bet until you are on pace to use all your credits on time.

coolcat casino 468 New No Deposit Slot Tournament Bonus

Updated – 6/16 – 1:15PM

The coupon code TOURNAMENTCHIP is now working again. If there is anyone else that got the message that the coupon code is expired, please try again and you should be able to claim the $30 free chip for slot tournaments.

If there is a problem like this in the future, the best way to get a hold of me is going to be through the Contact button at the top of the home page of the website (because I get too much comment spam).

Updated – 6/16 -12:30PM

Thank you Carla for alerting me to the problem with this code. I contacted Cool Cat casino and they confirmed that there is currently an issue with their TOURNAMENTCHIP bonus code. The lady I contacted at Cool Cat said she was having the same problem with the bonus code. I am awaiting a response for this issue.

As of right now, the coupon code TOURNAMENTCHIP cannot be used because the code will come up as expired. I’m being led to believe that this is only temporary and that this coupon code should be fixed.

Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!

May 24, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Slot Tournament Free Bonus

How would you like to be able to play in several of the pay slot tournaments for free? Well, now you can at Silver Oak Casino! They just started to offer their players slot tournaments last month.

silver oak lobby Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!

All you need to do is download Silver Oak’s casino software and create a user account. Then go to the Cashier and select the Redeem Coupon tab. In the Coupon Code, type in TOURNAMENTCHIP and press the Redeem button. You will receive $30 free at Silver Oak Casino. This $30 can only be used on Slot Tournaments!

silver oak no deposit bonus Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!

silver oak cashier Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!

Now it doesn’t look like Silver Oak offers many slot tournaments if you see the screenshot of the tournament lobby below. However, once you take a closer look, you will see that they have a lot to offer you. There are two daily slot tournaments that have $5.50 ($5.00+$0.50) and $16.50 ($15.00+$1.50) buy-ins. There is also a weekly slot tournament that has a $22 buy-in ($20+$2) and a monthly slot tournament which is Silver Oaks big draw.

silver oak slot tournaments Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!

Silver Oaks Monthly Tournament

The monthly slot tournament cost $8.25 ($7.50+$0.75) to buy-in to the tournament. There is a guaranteed prize pool of $7,500 for this tournament. The prizes awarded are based upon the number of entries placed.

This is a different type of slot tournament then many that I’ve shown you before. Silver Oak Casino uses Real Time Gaming software (the same as Rushmore Casino). All of Silver Oak’s slot tournaments are timed events with no rebuys and you are not allowed to use the Autoplay button.

How the Slot Tournaments Work

I’m going to use the monthly slot tournament as the example. You will start with 45,000 credits and 45 minutes of playtime. The object of the tournament is to post the highest score in the 45 minutes. You get one shot to do it so the pressure is on.

The things you have control over is the number of paylines that you can bet on and the amount of credits you bet per spin. There are two things that you do not want to do:
1) Don’t run out of credits early! 2) Don’t leave credits unused at the end of 45 minutes!

Betting in this type of slot tournament

The credits are the available bets that you have to use in the amount of time dictated by the tournament rules. When you bet, there is no getting the credits back. When you win on a payline, the total goes into your Score. That is the number you want to get as high as possible.

This means generally that you should be going at a pace of 1,000 credits per minute. Ideally, you would like to bet 100.00 credits (the maximum bet and maximum lines) on each spin. You may have to bump the bet down to 25.00 (or 20.00 in some of their tournaments) if you start to get ahead of the 1,000 credits/minute goal.

silver oak slots tournament Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!

There is only one other bet setting lower and that is 12.50 (10.00 on some) credits per spin. I try not to make spins at this bet level because it tends to take up too much time and not enough of a reward when you hit the paylines.

The one thing that can help you out as far as timing are free spins. After activating them, the free spins may take several seconds to unveil the multipliers and number of free spins. It will also take at least 1 minute or more to go through your free spins without betting.

As long as you are ahead of the 1,000 credits/minute, make sure that you are betting the 100.00 credits max per spin to get the highest score possible.

April Freeroll Slot Tournament

Starting this month, Silver Oak Casino is also offering a free slot tournament for all of their players. There is a prize pool of $2,500 and the winner will end up receiving $625! You will get 45,000 credits to start and 45 minutes of playtime in the tournament.

If you need to stop for any reason during the tournament, hit the Back button and the Time Remaining will pause until you come back and make your next spin.

silver oak 468 Get $30 Free to Play Slot Tournaments!