Click Here! Liberty Slots Daily Free Slots Changes Daily 11:59 PM ET 12:01 AM ET $300
Silver Oak Weekly Slots Tournament Changes Weekly Mon at Midnight
($11 entry fee)
1000 Registered
(Get $30 Free!)
Cool Cat Weekly 30 Min Tournament Changes Weekly Mon at Midnight
($16.50 entry fee)
Sun at Midnight
($30 Free Bonus!)
3 Daily Slot Freerolls at Casino Titan Changes Daily Times Vary Times Vary $50/each
Daily Penny Roller - 1¢ entry fee Changes Daily Noon EST Noon $50

Thanks for checking out Free US Slot Tournaments. Our goal is to provide you with information on the latest free slots tournaments and the best online slots US has to offer. We know it difficult to find slot tournaments that allow players from the United States, but all the tournaments listed here can be played by U.S. players.

There is a free tournament schedule listed above. I try to update this as often as I can. Most of the free slot tournaments now being offered are daily or weekly games and there have been fewer of the free slot tournaments with large prizes left. Occasionally, I will list some of the large prize money slot tournaments that you have to pay for.

If you are from outside of the United States, you should take a look at these online slot tournaments to find one that is currently being played and ones that are scheduled for the upcoming week.

Update - 9/18/12
The Vegas Tech style tournaments are back at Liberty Slots. These slot tournaments are not timed events like the RTG slot tournaments. This means that you can take you time and try different things without needing to worry about the clock. This also means a return to the Autoplay button in Slot tournaments (no more tired index fingers from clicking on the mouse).

For about a year, the only tournaments left for people in the U.S. is a few of the online casinos that use RTG software. These tournaments don't change much which meant that I wasn't posting much recently. However, Liberty Slots will be hosting a monthly tournament like the old Vegas Technology casino so I will likely be posting more often again.

You can still see the list of RTG casinos that have their own slots tournaments. These are still good slot tournaments to play. The differences between them is that these RTG slot tournaments have a time limit of only a certain amount of minutes and you are trying to spend the entire balance that they give to you.

Two of these RTG casinos (Cool Cat and Silver Oak) offer players a $30 free chip to use on the casino's slot tournaments. The free $30 can only be used to play on these tournaments and not in the rest of the casino.

After you are finished with the slot bonus, you can choose to accept another bonus after you make a deposit. These bonuses can only be used one at a time. This means you either have to run out of the $30 chip (less then $5) or complete the wagering requirements for the slot tournament bonus (whichever comes first).

* Note - You will find more often than not that the bonuses that are offered by casinos are for slots only or other games with a high house advantage. This is the same as when casinos create a slots club and give you extra money for when you play more often. These bonuses are generally not offered for casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and other table games. Many times, the casino will forbid you from making wagers on these games.

Only the casinos that use RTG software and Liberty Slots still offer slot tournaments to US customers, although I am always looking for more options. The RTG casinos that I've played and reviewed on this site are Rushmore, Silver Oak, Cool Cat Casino, Casino Titan and Club World.

Progressive Slots

April 11, 2016 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Uncategorized

Slots are undoubtedly the most popular game in casinos. When you visit an online casino, the majority of the games include over 80 different slots choices at a minimum. In land based casinos, also known as brick and mortar casinos players will be able to see the large gaming selection as well. For those who don’t pay too much attention to the slots choices before them, they will see that there are many different titles and options within the broad range of slots.

One of those types of slots, which is the most popular and may sometimes have a line at the casino are progressives. These types of slots are truly unique and offer players a huge advantage over the other different types of slots. Some slots will feature bonus rounds which will also give players and advantage however, progressives are the most lucrative If the timing is right.

What Are Progressives?

These wonderful gaming choices welcome players to your traditional gaming style of slots with one major twist; players here will have the ability to earn a very large jackpot if they are sitting in the right seat at the right time. Players who choose progressives in a land based casino may even have the ability to earn a prize such as a car or a trip.

With progressives, players will also find in land based casinos that there may be a line behind a “lucky” machine on any given night. In online casinos this does not matter as players can use any game they would like.

How to Identify Progressive Slots

Players in land based casinos will usually look for a light or several lights outlining a jackpot. There are usually several different machines in a row which are the progressive slots. In online casinos, players will click the progressives tab and head to the game of their choice. Online casino bonuses are smaller than in land based casino however; the odds are higher for a max payout.

How do Progressives Work?

Progressives operate the same way as your typical casinos with the addition of a progressive side jackpot. The jackpots are the combined earnings of 6-10 machines. The jackpot amount is displayed and once the specific jackpot is hit, the jackpot starts over. Progressive jackpots are completely randomized through each machine and have the ability to bring the players a five to six figure win.

Progressive Slot Bonuses

Another reason to play slots gaming choices online is the fact that players will have a wonderful selection of promotions available to them. Most promotions are game specific with slots, players tend to have a higher percentage which the casino will match with a higher cap on how much a player can redeem.

At the us online slots, players have the ability to sign up for a casino, make their first deposit and start playing within just minutes. Some casinos located over-seas offer a progressive jackpot which is linked from their online casinos as well as land based casinos for an even bigger jackpot.

More Free Online Tournaments - Weekly freeroll slot tournaments are still taking place at Rushmore Casino. The one catch is that you have to have made a deposit at Rushmore in order to register.  Only 1000 players can register at any of the freerolls offered by Rushmore, so register early.

The registration usually opens at 4:00PM EST on Fridays and the tournament starts at 8:00PM on Friday and will last until Sunday at 2:00PM. Will you have the luck and skill it takes to win the $2,500 top prize. The top 60 places will receive cash prizes.

Here is how to register for Rushmore Casino freerolls. There isn't too much strategy, just pick an amount to bet and spin like crazy for 15 minutes to try to post the top score. Also, here is a download for Rushmore Casino's Software. Play it once for fun to see how the game works, then come back the next week with your strategy to win a prize.

Bust out of a tournament? No problem, just wait and enter the next freeroll! Free tournaments are a great way to try to increase your slots skills. It isn't just all luck. Take a look at some of my slot tournament tips. They may help you get a better handle on things if you can't seem to win.

For more online slot tournaments information check out casinolisting's slot tournaments page.

Vegas Slot Machine Tournaments

September 20, 2014 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Slot Tournament Info

Slot machine tournaments are a very common event both in Las Vegas casinos and online casinos. They are very popular with slots players, offering both a sociable, fun experience, as well as offering some pretty substantial winnings in many cases. There is, however, a difference in how slot machine tournaments operate between online casinos and their land-based predecessors.

Online slot machine tournaments are usually presented in the form of a reoccurring promotion. It is not at all uncommon to find an online casino that holds a weekly slot tournament/promotion. These types of tournaments usually award less prize money than brick ‘n mortar casinos, but are also structured differently. Not requiring any entry fees, online slot machine tournaments only require that a player gamble at a particular slot machine game.

In other words, the slot machine still pays out as it normally would, and a player can bet as much or little as they like (in range of the machines stakes, of course). At the end of a pre-determined time period (normally 24 hours), cash awards are handed out to the top players who have won the most money at the machines. It is an added bonus for winning, if you will.

If it is a weekly online slot machine tournament, players can expect to vie for a cash pool of approximately $2,000, which is normally shared between ten players. The first place winner will likely receive around $400 to $500, while the remaining top finishers will likely receive sums between $100 and $300.

Slot machine tournaments in Las Vegas, however, operate very differently. Players usually have to pay an entry fee ranging from $10 to thousands of dollars (although some tournaments are free). All of the slot machines designated for the tournament are programmed to offer a certain amount of credits that is the same for all machines. The players will then be given a time frame (20 minutes is common) in which to bet as many credits as they can (hopefully all of them). The slot machines are programmed in a way that does not let winnings be re-played back into the machine, but instead records all of the credits the player has accrued in the time frame. The players with the top credits are then declared winners.

Online Slot Tournaments

Unfortunately, there haven’t been too many new slot tournaments to talk to you about. You may have noticed the absence of posts on this website for a considerable amount of time. The slot tournaments that are available are primarily for people who live outside of the US and can play at Microgaming casinos.

There are still some RTG online casinos that do allow Americans and still have slot tournaments; but these tournaments haven’t changed since the last time that I reviewed them and it wouldn’t make much sense to review them twice. The overall popularity of slot tournaments has waned in the United States because of the lack of options and diversity. I hope that this changes in the future, but I’m also not going to be posting very often until this changes.

If you would like to learn about the current free US slot tournaments that are still available, there are many links on the sidebar and at the top of the homepage that will help you out. If you would like to learn about the latest news in slots for Americans, you can do what I have been doing and check out for the most up-to-date information.